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War Machine: 1942

November 1942. “Flotation machines at one of the copper concentrators of the Utah Copper Company. Its plants at Magna and Arthur in Utah are treating vast quantities of the copper so vital for war purposes.” Photo by Andreas Feininger for the Office of War Information.

via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive.

Sea Dog


"A rough and ready, hearty and salty old sea dog is ‘Barnacle Bull,’ mascot aboard a Coast Guard-manned assault transport somewhere in the Pacific. A veteran campaigner, ‘Barnacle Bill’ wears his white hat at a jaunty angle and wonders what’s holding up Mess Call," ca 1944

via: USNI.org

USS Raton

USS Raton

Patch depicting the USS Raton Battle Flag


Keel Laid – May 29, 1942

Launched – January 24, 1943

Commissioned – July 13, 1943

USS Raton made seven war patrols during World War II. On her most successful patrol Raton maneuvered into the center of a nine ship formation.  Firing all torpedoes from both bow and stern, three ships were sunk and one damaged. After the second attack a destroyer escort was sunk with one torpedo. The third attack left one more ship damaged. From here Ratonheaded for Schoulten Islands to reload with torpedoes and fuel for a continuation of the patrol. A cruiser was damaged two weeks later and three more ships were sent to the bottom.

In all, Raton sank a total of thirteen ships for a total of 44,176 tons, damaged seven ships for a total of 51,500 tons, and captured 20 Japanese prisoners. In 1952 Raton was converted to a radar picket submarine (SSR) and served on active duty with the Pacific Fleet. In 1960 Ratonwas re-designated an auxiliary submarine (AGSS) before being stricken from Naval Register in 1969.

source:  Wisconsin Maritime Museum


Raton (SSR-270), as a Radar Picket submarine. Port view entering Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on 8 Dec. 1953.  Photographed & submitted courtesy of John Hummel.

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