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Past meets present


The Columbus replica ship ‘Pinta’ makes its way up the Thames River past Mohegan Sun on its way to the Marina at American Wharf in Norwich Wednesday, May 28, 2014.
credit:  Dana Jensen / The Day

Norwich University Visit

20131112153824454_0003Our next stop on the Collegepalooza tour took us to Norwich University in the heart of Vermont.  Norwich is the oldest private military college in the US.  We attended a special Veterans Day Open House.

A little office reorg

We decided to do a little office space reorganization here at work.  We had run out of space and it was looking like an episode of hoarders in here.

Office - Before

We moved Angela into her own office (formerly the bookkeeper’s office), moved my desk into the real estate office and converted our old space into the mail/copier/file room.  Took a lot of hard work by Angela, our boys and myself but the results were worth it.

Office - After

Let’s see how long we can keep it this neat.  (it better be a while cause I’m not doing that again)