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More of J’s wonderful pictures

Some of her best, me thinks

Hitchin’ a Ride

Little fella was looking for ride.  Either that or all the pollen on my car had him thinking he was still on a tree somewhere.

Birdhouse Winner

2012-04-17 07.36.27

Here is the birdhouse I won in a charity basket raffle.  Along with the birdhouse came a bird watching guide, bird feed and two tickets for the Orient Point ferry.  Looking forward to finding all the lighthouses we can while we are there.

My Super villain Hideout


Super villain checklist:

1.  Choose super secret lair/hideout/laboratory/site of the epic final battle with arch nemesis.

Check and check!!  I have chosen the Jungfraujoch Research Station in the Swiss Alps.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone though.  It is suppose to be a secret.

Photo:  EMPA