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Lunch with ???

The other day, my bestie asked me a question.  It was one of those questions that I’m pretty sure everyone has been asked at some time in their life.  One of those famous, or infamous, questions that you roll your eyes at when asked or you have thought about a million times and have a standard go to answer for.  She asked me, “If you could sit down and have lunch with anyone, past or present, who would it be.”.


The Captain

#1 son’s first election that he is eligible to vote in. Shame that we can’t go and vote together. He knows how important voting is and will be casting his ballot in Maine. All grown up.

Happy Birthday

Caleb Jackson edit

18 years ago today, one of the major pieces, to the puzzle I call my life, fell perfectly into place. Of all the titles I’ve held, there is none greater or one I wear with more pride then being your Dad. I love you.