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A Great Remix

This is a great remix that was part of one of my favorite podcasts. Spacemusic is a wonderful ambient music podcast hosted by TC. The remix artist, Lukas Termena has made some other great music and I am now enjoying his album Dream. You should give it a listen.

Text Monster

Angela and I have created a texting monster. We moved our cell service to Helio and Caleb now has a phone with unlimited texting and picture messaging. He took a trip to a stamp show and expo in Boston today and he sent us pics and texts about everything he saw and did. It was cool. Almost like we were there with him. Maybe the newness will wear off soon and he will text us less, but part of me kind of hopes not.

Gas Prices

We have all seen on the news that gas prices are high and getting higher every day. In my area, regular unleaded is going for $3.79 a gallon with high test going for $3.99. For the first time, I am noticing the price increase effecting my friends and family members. A friend at work is looking at buying a scooter to ride to work, and my father-in-law traded in his pickup truck yesterday for a Honda Civic. He only commutes a few miles a day and walks to work when the weather allows. My job requires me to be on the road a lot and I am so glad when I took this job 3 years ago I traded in my old car for a high mileage Toyota. I guess I can even make good decisions once in awhile. How have gas prices effected you?