Some other stops

20131112153824454_0001We made a few stops while in Vermont to visit Norwich University.  Angela and the boys had never been to Vermont before and I haven’t been there in many years.  We didn’t do a whole lot of “sightseeing” but we hit a few places.  The weather really cooperated pretty well on Saturday for the college visit but Sunday was foggy, cold and rainy with a little snow thrown in for good measure.  So no nature hikes.  Even made a quick trip up to the Canadian border.  Couldn’t cross, but we got close.  Here are a few pics taken at our stops.




Cabot Cheese

Cold Hollow Cider Mill

They claimed to have “Legendary” cider donuts.  As you can tell by our reactions, they were not quite so legendary.  They also use modern equipment to press their cider.  If you want to see how REAL cider is made and taste truly “Legendary” cider donuts, may I suggest Clyde’s Cider Mill right here in Mystic, CT.  You can see some pics from there in my Autumn Fun post.  Found something special for a friend.  Hope to send it someday.20131112153824454_0002

Ben & Jerry’s

We had a good time tasting ice cream, the boys poked their heads through thing again and we paid our respects in the flavor graveyard.  The free samples were Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, by the way.  Tasty stuff.

The Skinny Pancake & Capitol Grounds

We had a fantastic dinner at the Skinny Pancake in Montpelier.  I’ve highlighted our favorites on the menu.  I also thought the design of the flatware was really cool.  We then went across the street to Capitol Grounds where the sign outside on the sidewalk said “Drink more hot chocolate”.  So we did.  I even, somehow, got Noah to smile for a picture.


 Before heading home we took a quick spin around Burlington and I took a couple quick snaps of an interesting cafe (sorry, no Superman sightings) and some lovely artwork.

It was a pretty busy weekend and we covered a lot of miles as you can see from the trip odometer reading.2013-11-11 16.16.45