Norwich University Visit

20131112153824454_0003Our next stop on the Collegepalooza tour took us to Norwich University in the heart of Vermont.  Norwich is the oldest private military college in the US.  We attended a special Veterans Day Open House.

Of course Caleb made friends right away with the school mascot.

2013-11-09 08.29.27

The turf field was very nice.

The school also has a very nice museum dedicated to their military and athletic history.

NorwichAll in all it was a very interesting visit and Caleb came away very impressed.  Norwich ranked very high on his list before the visit and getting to see the campus and meet the students and staff only increased his enthusiasm.  Of course it didn’t hurt that he got to have a nice long conversation with the men’s rugby coach and learned that  they will be graduating both their props this year.  We will see if this turns to be the school for him.  Go Cadets!!