a blast from the past

We all have those songs, that when we hear them, they trigger a particular memory. Some good, some bad.  While the family and I were out this weekend, my younger boy, Noah, asked if we could listen to some Beach Boys on the IPod that was connected to the car stereo.   After the first few stanzas of “I Get Around”, I thought of a Beach Boys tune that we had not listened to in years, but one that brought back nice memories.

When both our boys were little, my wife and I would have what we called “walking practice”.  When we got home from work, we would clear away all the toys, close all the baby gates, put on a Disney cd, and made fools out of ourselves trying to get our kids to walk to us.  This was the song that was playing when my older son, Caleb, started walking on his own.  I’m not sure if he was trying to dance, but his first few steps looked a lot like some of the moves the dancers are doing in the video.  What a great memory.  I found the opening for the movie with the song on You Tube.  What can’t you find there.  Enjoy.