You’re the one that I want

Last night, the family and I went to see a production of the musical “Grease” starring my niece, Emily.  What a great show!!!  The songs, the dancing and the acting were all fabulous.  Even my boys enjoyed it.  That is saying something, because I am sure there was about a thousand other thing that they wished they could have been doing other that watch their cousin sing and dance.

My admiration for their performance was rocketed to the stratosphere when I found out that they put this whole thing together, from soup to nuts, in only 18 days over the course of 4 weeks.  That’s the first time I have ever used the soup to nuts phrase, god am I getting old.  There was no way to tell from the performance that they had not spent months getting ready for it.  I know you can’t hear or see me, but I am giving you another standing ovation right now for all your hard work.

This is the first production that my niece has done with this particular group, but she says that this is the group she is going to remain with for a while.  I look forward to their next show in the spring.  A job well done, both cast and crew.