30 + 30 in 30

Well, it is a new month and I have once again decided to turn over another new leaf.  I am not sure what tree could possibly shed the number of leaves that I have turned over, but by now I am sure it looks as sad as Charlie Brown’s Christmas icon.

What I have decided to do in order to try and get my Internet presence off life support is to try and do 30 +30 in 30.  I am going to write at least 30 blog posts, of substance, and make at least 30 Twitter posts, with or without substance, in the next thirty days.  While I don’t believe that the Twitter part will be too hard, the other just might be.  I am kind of hoping it will be a bit difficult, because so many thing easily obtained are not appreciated.  I am also looking at this as a way to help guaranty that I take a little quality time each day just for myself.

(This post does not count toward the total)